Certificate I in Work Education Code 22302VIC


Are you 16-19 years old? Do you need support with your learning and/or social skills? Did you attend a specialist school or get help from a teacher’s aide in class? The Certificate I in Work Education will help you learn the skills you will need to be successful at work.

Career opportunities, include:

  • open or supported employment
  • voluntary work

Pathways to further study:

  • When you finish your course, you may choose to progress to other courses, traineeships or pre-apprenticeships.

Studying the Certificate I in Work Education

You will take part in subjects and projects that will help you develop:
job-seeking skill, work-readiness skills, time-management skills, personal presentation skills, team-work and communication skills.

You may also be able to study one of these courses as part of your program: SIT10216 Certificate I in Hospitality; AHC10316 Certificate I in Horticulture; or SIR10116 Certificate I in Retail Services.


Course structure

Unit code Name
BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
VU21774 Participate in practical placement with support
VU21664 Prepare for employment
VU21771 Develop an individual vocational plan with support
VU21773 Participate in vocational activities
VU21307 Work with numbers and money in simple, familiar situations
VU21301 Engage with simple texts for employment purposes
VU21311 Work With And Interpret Simple Numerical Information In Familiar Texts
VU21772 Develop personal management skills for work
VU21775 Develop interpersonal communication skills for the workplace

Entry requirements

This course is designed for people aged 16-19 who have a mild intellectual disability or learning difficulty.

You will need to have:
– the potential to travel independently and take part in all course activities.
– a desire to complete the course.
– interest in gaining employment and/or progressing to further study.

You will need to come to a meeting with a parent or carer to find out if the course will meet your needs. During the meeting, you will be asked to complete a literacy and numeracy task to assess your support needs. A teacher will help you to complete the tasks.


On completion, you will receive the Certificate I in Work Education.