Mervic College Library

The student library holds a range of textbooks, fiction and non-fiction, local and international magazines and newspapers, periodicals, interactive English-learning CDs (including popular titles), and DVDs to support teachers and students to produce excellent results in their subject area.

With loads of natural light, the library is an ideal place for study at large communal tables, a quiet chat with friends, or to relax on comfortable couches. Student-Trainer meetings are often held here too.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Student Facilities


There are several computers available for students to use inside and outside the Library.


There is Wi-Fi access for current students in the library. Ask at the desk for the password.

Printing and photocopying

To print and photocopy students, need to have print credit added to their Student Card.

  • The cost of 1-page printing is $0.05
  • Cost for double-sided printing $0.10

How to add print credit to your Student Card

Go to Reception and ask to add credit to your Student Card to be able to print or photocopy. We accept:

  • Cash $1 – $5
  • EFTPOS/Credit Card minimum recharge $10
  • Maximum recharge limit of $20


  1. Turn ON machine
  2. Place the original document on glass face down
  3. For 2 sided print, place it on top of the document feeder
  4. Swipe your student ID card to ensure that it has enough credit balance.
  5. Press COPY on a swipe machine
  6. Select the number of copies on the printer keyboard
  7. Press button


  1. Select PRINT on the computer
  2. Ensure the correct printer has been selected
  3. Swipe your student ID card and ensure it has enough credit balance
  4. Press PRINT on swipe machine
  5. Press button


Submitting Assessments in the Library

  1. Take an Assignment Coversheet from the first bookcase in the library
  2. Complete all the information requested on the Assignment Coversheet
  3. With a library staff member, complete the information in the red Assessment Submission folder and receive your receipt from that staff member to prove your submission.
  4. Keep your receipt until you receive your marked and returned assessment.

Student Notice Boards

Outside the library are large notice boards where students can share, or seek, information about:

  • rooms to rent/share
  • second-hand books
  • furniture wanted
  • organising trips to share travel costs
  • events information

Magazines and Newspapers

We have subscriptions to the following periodicals.


  • Time Magazine
  • Evolve Student Magazine


  • Management Today
  • Franchising
  • Business 360°


  • Gourmet Traveller
  • Restaurant and Catering
  • Food for Thought

Information Technology

  • APC


Student Borrowing

To Borrow

To borrow, please come into the library on Level 8.

Select your items and take them to the circulation desk.

Please show your student card to borrow:

  • 5 items
  • 2 week loan period


2 renewals (six weeks)

To renew you can:


Please ensure that you return your items before completing your course.


Overdue books/magazines

  • There is a $1 per day overdue fine applicable.

Lost, stolen, or damaged books

When you borrow a book or a magazine from the library, you are responsible to return it in the condition that you borrowed it.

When an item is lost, stolen, or damaged there is the replacement cost, plus an administration cost of $50, applicable.

Please take care of your items loaned from the library.


The authority vested in the Campus Librarian by these rules and conditions of use may be exercised by any member of the Library staff.

Rules for Borrowing Library Materials

In these rules, the word “book” shall include any book, periodical, pamphlet, microform, film, audio or videocassette, compact disc, computer software, multimedia kit, map, and any other Library material.

  • No book may be removed from the Library without the loan having been first recorded in the manner determined by the Campus Librarian, and such loan is subject to the Conditions of Loan laid down from time to time by the Campus Librarian and displayed on the Library Notice Board.
  • Mervic College ID cardholders are responsible for any transaction involving the use of their cards.
  • A borrower shall not part with possession of any book on loan from the Library nor permit any other person to have use of or access to any such book.
  • No person shall, without proper authority, remove or alter any record or insertion required for the transaction of a loan that has been put on a Library book.
  • Every book borrowed from the Library must be returned to the Library by the date due recorded in the Library system.
  • Every borrower requested to return an overdue book must return the item immediately.
  • Notwithstanding the conditions of the loan in operation at any time the Campus Librarian may vary the loan period for any book or may recall a book at any time.
  • When such recall is made the book shall be returned by the date specified in the recall notice.
  • If a book is not returned by the due date the full cost of its replacement or an amount as determined from time to time shall on demand be payable to the Institute by the borrower together with a service fee.
  • Users are responsible for all books consulted, whether borrowed for use outside the Library or not, and will be held liable for any loss, mutilation, or other damage. The full cost of either repair or replacement shall on demand be payable to the Institute, together with a service fee.

Conditions of Use of the Library

  • Unseemly behavior is not permitted in the Library. Any person who is causing a disturbance will be asked to leave.
  • Users of Mervic College Library must:
  • Show their Mervic College ID card when requested by an authorised representative of the Campus Librarian.
  • Comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 and the Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000 currently in force. Users are referred to the statutory notice posted adjacent to copying machines. Copies of these Acts are available for reference at the Library Information Desk.
  • Present all books and the contents of bags and cases for inspection on request, by a staff member.


  • Be considerate of others.
  • Turn mobile phones to silent on entry to the Library. Calls may be taken outside the library.
  • Use laptop computers in designated zones only.


  • Please eat and drink in the basement recreation area
  • Only drinks in sealable bottles near the computers
  • Library users must obey announcements regarding closing times
  • Accessibility
  • Only guide dogs are permitted in the Library.

Useful Resources



Careers and Jobs

Community Services

Early Childhood Education and Care



Individual Support – Aged Care

Information Technology



Melbourne Library Service

How to Join

Joining is free and easy. Library membership is open to all residents of Victoria.

ESL Resources

Melbourne Library Service has one of the largest collections of adult ESL and English literacy material in Australia, containing a wide variety of resources to assist in learning to speak, listen, read, and write in English.


With your free library membership access eBooks, eAudio, eNewspapers, Oi! Online Information, Listen to Music, Learning Languages and eFilm is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, design and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals. Melbourne Library Service offers its customers free and unlimited access to the entire library ONLY at any of their five branches; it is not available on your home network.

Dynamic Learning Online

Simple online training solutions for teaching how to use popular computer applications including Introduction to Computer Technology

  • Using and searching the Internet
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Social Network Training (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging)

State Library of Victoria

How to Join

Joining the Library is free, and you can register for a Library card quickly and easily online. You can choose to have your Library card mailed (usually next day) or pick it up in person. We also process memberships and provide Library cards on the spot (please bring proof of your identity and Victorian address).


Library membership provides you with free 24 x 7 online access to the Library’s subscriptions to hundreds of leading databases and hundreds of thousands of journals, papers, databases, eBooks and articles including:

  • ProQuest Business
  • ProQuest Science
  • ProQuest Health and Medicine
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Macquarie Dictionary

National Library Australia

How to join

Join for free and have your library card mailed to you


A wide range of information available with your library membership.

Public Libraries in Victoria